Adult product information


The Puffy Cookie is a soft silicone plug that is made to be inserted in either butt or vagina, and penetrated by a dick. It's designed to cover up the hole in a murrsuit that otherwise reveals human flesh, and by that complete the illusion of the furry character with a canine vulva.


The cookie may be considered relatively big. A fursuit adds thickness and size to a person so the genitals has to be larger too. Additionally the sleeve should be large enough to fit a dick through it, which contributes to a large knot and an overall large toy.


The cookie is made of soft platinum cure silicone, rated skin safe. It measures around shore 00-20 in firmness, which is roughly that of a gummi bear candy. The way it works with these silicone materials is that, the softer it gets, the stickier it gets too. At Shore 00-20 the rubber naturally gets quite sticky. This is however no problem when applying lube.

Remember to never use silicone lube with your silicone toys, as this can damage the toy!

Check out the video for a demonstration of the material firmness.


Our toys are colored by hand using special pigment that is made for platinum cure silicone. The range of available colors is limited to the most common like red, blue, yellow, green etc. and some come themed with, for instance, body colors: Flesh tone, dark brown, light brown, blood etc. Therefore not every custom color can be reproduced. Typically very bright and vibrant colors are hard to make, as brightness compromises saturation. We do our best to match our customers requests, but be aware that it might vary a bit.

For the cookie we are only able to do solid colors, due to the way the material is injected into the mold.