How can I contact you?

We take contact through our email: madefurmurr@gmail.com
We prefer not to use social media for customer service, as we can't completely rely on the messages being delivered.


What is your turnaround time?

We aim to complete orders within a full week.

Do you keep stock of your products?

We do not keep any stock as many items are custom made to order, which is also why turnaround time is a little long.


How do I get in touch with your customer service?

All contact goes through email: madefurmurr@gmail.com
We do not provide customer service through social media. This includes Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, Instagram etc.

Prices and Payments

Why don't you offer PayPal payments?

PayPals transaction fees are roughly 9%. Their policies don't allow for the shop system to list the transaction fee as a separate expense for the customer, which means that the only way to pay for those fees would be to increase our product prices. This however means that anyone paying with Credit Card has to pay for a fee that doesn't apply to them. We don't think that's fair customer treatment.


Why is my shipment taking so long to arrive?

It sometimes happens that a shipment gets stuck in Customs upon arrival. Although it may take several weeks to be cleared, they usually show up eventually.

There's a problem with my shipment. Who do I talk to?

Shipments from us are transferred to your local postal service upon entry in the destination country. For example: For US customers the packages are transferred to USPS. If your tracking number says the parcel has arrived in the destination country, you'll have to contact your local postal service. If tracking says your package is still stuck somewhere before arriving to your country, you may contact us at madefurmurr@gmail.com for assistance.

I picked the "un-traceable" shipment. Why did I not get a tracking number?

Well as the title suggests it's un-traceable so you won't be given a tracking number. This also means that in case the package gets lost we can not seek compensation from the carrier. Therefore we also can not replace any lost items. However you are free to order new ones. Needless to say this form of shipment is at your own risk.