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Cookie Masturbator

Cookie Masturbator

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This cookie masturbator is made to give you an amazing intimate experience with your favorite plush or plush-suit. Featuring a groove right behind the cookie, the masturbator allows for gripping onto a seam, or the edge of the fabric for better maintaining position with eager use.

Does your character have a specific color you don't see available, you can request a custom color in your order. 


Platinum cure silicone

Care Instructions

Wash thoroughly by hand, with hot water and soap after every use.

Do not use silicone lube with your silicone toys!!

This may damage the toy.

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Product information


The Cookie masturbator is a standalone masturbator, with the additional feature of a deep groove right behind the cookie, which enables it to be installed in a plush/plushsuit, with the fabric or seam in the plush to grip, and keep the toy in place.

you can insert the toy directly in the stuffing, however it's highly recommended to pull a sock over it, to avoid stuffing sticking to the toy. If you don't want just an open hole in your plush, you can find a PDF guide and pattern here of a pocket you can sew and install in your plush, or simply use as the sock.

If you don't want any liquids to spill into the plush, you can pull the bulb of a balloon over the end of the masturbator. It doesn't make any awkward noises and it's easy to clean for re-use.


Below you'll find size charts of all available sizes.


The toy is made of soft platinum cure silicone, rated skin safe. It measures around shore 00-20 in firmness. Soft silicone naturally gets quite sticky, however this is no problem when applying lube, and doesn't mean the toy is faulty.

Remember to never use silicone lube with your silicone toys, as this can damage the toy!

Check out the video for a demonstration of the material firmness.


My toys are colored by hand using special pigment that is made for platinum cure silicone. The range of available colors is limited to the most common like red, blue, yellow, green etc. and some come themed with, for instance, body colors: Flesh tone, dark brown, light brown, blood etc. Therefore not every custom color can be reproduced. Typically very bright and vibrant colors are hard to make, as brightness compromises saturation. I do my best to match my customers requests, but be aware that it might vary a bit.