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Puffy Donut add-on

Puffy Donut add-on

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Are you looking for a more realistic approach to making your murrsuit look anatomically correct, then here's the Puffy Sew-in Butthole! With fabric cast directly into the silicone, you'll get an inseparable bond that is easy to sew into other fabric.

Are you blunt and daring, you can sew it directly into your fursuit, spandex suit or kigu etc. Perfectly integrated and no hiding behind closed zippers.

Want a more safe approach, sew it into a separate piece of fabric which you can then sew into your suit behind a zipper. That way you can keep it hidden and only bring it out on special occasions.

Not sure if you want it in your suit at all? Sew it into a pair of underwear or under armor pants. That way you can also use it for other types of suit that aren't happy with sewing.


Platinum cure silicone

Care Instructions

Wash thoroughly by hand, with hot water and soap after every use.

Do not use silicone lube with your silicone toys!!

This may damage the toy.

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